Envíe Flores a la Nueva Mamá

Send flowers to the new mom who just had a delivery from the stork! If she gave birth or adopted twins, triplets or sextuplets, then why not add a balloon to represent each newborn?

Congratulate the new mom with flowers!

Congratulate the new mommy with a bouquet of the freshest flowers. Don't forget to send flowers to moms-to-be and amazing non-birth mothers, such as adoptive moms, foster moms and surrogate moms. All new moms deserve to be treated like the hero of the hour (even if she's no longer the center of attention). Say "Well Done" on your card to recognize the hard work put in by the new mother during her nine months of carrying the child and then the delivery. Don't want to leave out her new son or daughter? Entonces añada un encantador monito de peluche al arreglo para la Nueva Madre solo para el bebé.

Not sure where to send your new mom flower gift?

Our florist can personally deliver your flowers in a vase to the maternity hospital or to her home. We actually recommend that you wait a few days and send your flowers to her home. After giving birth, mothers routinely stay in hospitals overnight or two days at most. During this short time the mom-to-be is in the labor and delivery room and after giving birth is moved to the recovery room. She will be resting, bonding with, and learning how to care for her newborn. While flowers would brighten the maternity room, they are likely to be just one more thing to have to transport home with the new baby. The new parents may have a hard enough time putting the baby in the car seat and driving slowly home, without having to worry about spilling and tipping over the flowers.
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